Superboy #21 Vol. 3: Future Tense Part One Of Three

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Superboy #21 Volume 3: Future Tense Part One of Three is a DC comic that was originally released in November of 1995.

  • Writer: Karl Kesel
  • Penciller: Tom Crummett
  • Inker: Doug Hazelwood
  • Colorist: Tom McGraw
  • Lettering: Richard Starlings & Comicraft
  • Assistant Editor: Chris Duffy
  • Trouble Maker(?): Frank Pittarese


Future Tense Part One of Three; Making History! Is the first Superboy comic that I have ever read. I was not exactly sure what to expect from this issue, but I had a ton of fun reading it. One the best things about reading comics is just the full suspension of disbelief, falling into these often strange and extrodinary worlds. This issue had a bit of everthing, and is one hundred percent 90’s nosalgia. Superboy wears a leather jacket, has a pierced ear, side of his head shaved and wears sun glasses, and it all looks great! Super boy appears to be attending a college, or maybe even a high school, in Hawaii,visited by time traveling super heroes,and it appears Superboy has an ex-girlfiend(?), Knockout, who was working as a dancer at a strip club. My hat is off to Karl Kesel, who wrote a really fun story here. There is even a secret future language that spans several pages that true fans can decipher using a Legend in the back of the issue that corresponds symbols with English letters.

The art work throughout the,book is amazing. Doug Hazelwood as the inker does the amazing job of enhancing but not over powering Tom Crummet’s already impressive pencils. Tom McCraw’s coloring is vibrant and lively.

  • Original Retail: $1.95
  • Purchase Price: $0.83
  • RAW Value: $1.70
  • Potential Profit: +$0.87
  • Collection Value: $1.70
  • Estimated Collection Profit: +$0.87

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Disclaimer; I collect comics for fun. I write about comics for fun. My expenses, values, and profit margins are my personal best estimate based on opinions and experience gathered during my personal research of said comic at time of original posting. I am not an expert nor do I make a living out of buying and selling comics. A comic is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Please do not use my opinions of comics value for any financial investments. 


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