Comic Grab 001

Welcome to the first comic grab! These are comic books that I have recently picked up for a buck or less. This serves as a preview for the upcoming issues that I will be reviewing!

This week’s comic grab features the following five comic books:

Superboy #21 released in November of 1995 from DC Comics; “Future Tense Part One Of Three”.

Betty and Veronica Spectacular #608 released in August of 1990 by Archie Comics; “Go Way Out West With Betty & Veronica”.

Marvel Fanfare #4 released in September of 1982 by Marvel Comics Group.

Hawk and Dove #12 released in May of 1990 by DC Comics; “…and the New Teen Titans battle… …Mean Machines!”.

Avengers with the East Coast Avengers #302 released in April of 1989 by Marvel Comics; “Part 2 Of The Super-Nova Saga: Lost In Space”.

Financal: The cost of these five titles broke down to $0.83 cents each. The total cost for this week’s comic grab was $4.15. Year to date for Comic Buck comics cost is five books for $4.15

AboutComic Buck is not about over analyzing or criticizing comic books, rather Comic Buck is about enjoying comic books and having fun. There are many places where you can find a publisher war, or in depth story critiques. I want to share my appreciation of comic books and the many creators.


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